Bathtub Liners: When Your Budget is Not Ready for a Full Replacement


Just like anything in the home, the bathtub and shower surfaces can go bad, and often times, you don’t have the budget for a full replacement.
What are you going to do? While a full replacement is always preferable, there is a quick fix solution that is less expensive—tub and shower liners.
Not only is this solution cheaper, it’s also fast and clean to install. Often times, home owners find that it satisfies their immediate needs while waiting for the budget for a full replacement.

What Are Bathtub and Shower Liners?

Bathtub and shower liner is a sheet of acrylic or PVC that is molded to follow the shape of your tub, placed over it and glued down to serve as a permanent cover. This is simply a cover that hides the damaged potion of the tub. There is a trade-off of the porcelain gloss of the original tub over the look and feel of plastic.
Before you decide to follow this route, let me present to you the pros and cons of this solution. Let me be clear right from the start that there is nothing better than a complete replacement of a damaged tub.



1. Quick fix
If time is an issue, liners offer a faster fix than a full pledge demolition and replacement of your bathroom. You can expect a finish product within a couple of days.

2. Covers not only the tubs, but also the wall
With liners, you can easily extend the covering to the shower area and up to the walls.

3. No need to demolish
As already mentioned, there is no need to demolish when all you need is cover up existing tub and shower wall. All you need to do is slap the liner sheets on top of it.

4. Lesser fumes
There is different solution called spray finishing wherein an epoxy paint is sprayed over the damaged wall or tub. This gives off excessive fumes which can potentially cause health problems. This is not so with liners.


1. Not a complete solution
With liners, you’re just covering the problem and not really fixing them. But then again, this might be what you need while waiting for a budget.

2. Trapped water
The liners can eventually leak and the trapped water between it and the tub can serve as a breeding space for mold and mildew.

3. Reduced space
Since you’re adding material on top of existing tub, it can reduce its space.

Call the Professionals or DIY?

If you’re convinced that bathtub liner is the solution that fits the bill, you have to decide whether to do it yourself or call a professional bathroom remodeler.
Now, unless you’re confident with your handyman skills, I suggest you call the pros. There is a good chance that you’ll end up wasting materials if you don’t know what you’re doing.
If you need more information on this subject, you can always call On Point Remodeling.

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