Few Things To Know Before Doing a Bathtub Replacement


Bathroom renovation involves replacing your bathtub as well. But there are certain situations in which a little refinishing and remodeling is required inside the bathroom. With growing family size and requirements, everyone wants to have a cozy and comfortable bathroom. Similarly, new designs of bathtubs are easier to adjust. Switching out your bathtub for a shower replacement is the best choice to have a relaxing experience.

Reasons you need to do a Replacement

Maybe your family wants to have the refreshing look of a beautiful bathroom or your kids want to have more fun while taking bath. Replacements will work because it usually is less in cost than regular repair of the bathtub long term.


Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling includes installation of difference accessories including basin, shower set and the replacing of your bathtub. However, at times only changing a bathtub is enough for complete remodeling. Vintage bathtubs take a little more space and need replacement with innovative materials. Similarly using a bathtub for a couple of years may leave some permanent stains, cracks and change of color. In such scenario, you may need to do replacement before any damage occurs.


Old bathtubs are difficult to clean. Their material develops inner stains that cannot be cleaned with detergents. However, with an addition of cost, a refinishing service can be considered. Such services are for a short time only. It is preferred to do a bathtub replacement when cleaning becomes difficult.

Cracks & Chips

Have you been using your tub for more than 5-6 years? Your bathtub has completed its life. Now it requires a change. Little cracks are normal but can be fatal with time. Big cracks cause serious leakage which is difficult to control.

New Design

There are lots of new designs in the market that are extremely affordable. If you really consider a beautiful design your bathroom will look outstanding and will raise the value of your home. The enclosures are also a good choice along with the replacement of the bathtub.

What options do you have?

Here are some options for bathtub replacement in 2016 and beyond.

Acrylic bathtub liners

One of the reputed materials for bathtubs that last for long and look great. It does not require that much cleaning and only a little care is enough. They are in different shapes and available at an affordable range.

Cultured Marble

The high-class elegant bathtubs are heavy on cost but outclass in design. These tubs are preferred in modern houses. They also increase the value of a house and gives modest bath experience. A little heavy on weight but liked by many people.

Space Utilization

When you are short on space and want to have a shower plus bathtub then replacement is the best option. Walk in tubs and shower enclosures serve for such purpose.

Walk-in Tubs

They are available with different door options for the people with busy routine. These are a kind of ready tubs that give a fast bathing experience. They are also space friendly.

Therapeutic Selections

A change into a beautiful spacious bathtub brings multiple therapeutic treatments for the human body. It relaxes muscles and makes one stress-free.

Refinishing VS Replacement

Here is the comparison of normal vs smart approach in cash of bathtubs.

Bathtub Replacement

Refinishing of Bathtub

One time cost and long life. $3200 approx.Require after every six months. $800 x 2 (per year)
Available in modern designs and variety.No option to feel and experience a change.

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