The Best Tub To Shower Conversion

Traditional bathtubs are now changing to shower areas. People want to have something new, easy, spacious, luxurious and trendy. Bathroom remodeling primarily includes tub to shower conversion. Old age people and kids look for safer approach while taking a bath. Easy access is only possible with customized installation of showers. With more space, luxury and safety I can make your bathroom a modern one.

How is it beneficial?

The design and array after conversion of the tub to shower area suits lifestyle. You can design a complete custom shower area based on special requirements. Seating, bars, and adjustable showers can be installed without any hassle.

What are the options

A budget renovation may include built-in shower seats. These seats provide ease to old age people and easily adjustable in previous bath tub area. This renovation costs less as compared to building a completely new shower area. The dimensions and adjustments are easier and takes less time. To add a more modern look, a glass door can be a good option. Moreover, mosaic tiles and pebble design floor can give a classy look to the bathroom.

Shower transformation offers more designs, accessories and better space utilization as compared to the bath tub. People who do tub to shower conversion feel an increased space in the bathroom. The old vintage look is easily converted into a modern bathroom with a little replacement.

Luxury Bath Experience

The best thing about showers is low or no barrier and great heads to give soothing bath experience. Such customization within your vicinity is a matter of few days. There is little renovation involved that does not include any heavy works.

It is the economical, innovative and water savvy approach. Removing your tub and replacing with shower can be the best thing for home renovation this year.

Brown tones bathroom with glass door shower, toilet and wooden cabinets

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