My husband and I were so impressed with their professionalism and efficiency. Their customer skills were over the top by keeping me up to date with the progress while accommodating my needs at the same time. On Point Remodeling really takes care of their clients plus my bathroom looks glorious!

Jennifer M September 9, 2016

I'm in love with my new bathroom! On point Remodeling did a fabulous job on it. Very modern and luxurious. They let me know what they were doing every step of the project.
I applaud their work.

Sindy D. September 7, 2017

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Learn how you can get a renowned bathroom remodeling team in Evanston to design and install the bathroom that you have been dreaming of for a very long time!

On Point Remodeling Evanston beautiful interior of modern toilet in white and blue bright colors

Hiring an unprofessional bathroom remodeling company here in Evanston, IL can be stressful especially if their only goal is to remodel bathrooms but not provide customer satisfaction. Other companies will give you rock bottom bathroom remodel costs but in the end deliver poor results because they have inefficient workers handling the project. As you know, having a beautiful bathroom renovation is a symbol of status expressing that you've made a great decision, one your friends and family can admire.

Dealing with inconsiderate and inefficient companies who remodel bathrooms will leave you exhausted and broke. How good would it feel to actually be able to have the confidence and certainty that it takes to move forward with your bathroom remodel ideas knowing that you have a team that is dedicated to bathroom remodeling excellence, efficiency, and honors superb quality when it comes to creating and going to work on your vision of the bathroom design you've been dreaming of?

We strive to let our customers remember that we are the ones who brought their dream bathroom remodel ideas to reality. Everything will be discussed in detail so you are not left in the dark.

We know that getting a top-notch bathroom remodeling team in Evanston can be a bit difficult. Commercialized bathroom remodeling companies tend to focus on meeting sales quotas instead of hearing out their customers bathroom remodel ideas and eventually blowing up the bathroom remodel costs without even considering the customer’s budget.

We are passionate about covering everything for you, from the planning, estimating bathroom remodel cost, and installing. Working with incompetent bathroom remodeling companies can be very traumatic and stressful; some companies would prioritize their revenue first before the needs and wants of their customers. We want nothing less than the best for our customers.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

Style Defining Bathrooms Designed Around you and your Budget

Rooms, no matter how small or big, should cater to the needs of each family member. We feel that every home in Evanston, IL needs its own personality based on functionality and design so it can stand out. We all believe that everyone has bathroom remodel ideas that are unique and worth showing off without having to spend on high bathroom remodel cost. In remodeling a house, you should invest the most resources, such as attention to detail, time and funds in the bathroom renovation.

Small bathroom designs should fit a specific look and functionality based on who will be using them. You may already know that the bathroom is the rooms in the house which are most often utilized and visited either by members of the household or guests. Every homeowner wants a personal touch in their home for it to be just comfortable and stylish at the same time.


On Point Remodeling & You

Whether you are living on your own, with a partner or a big family of more than five, we will customize your big or small bathroom design in a way that is appropriate to fit function and aesthetic. At On Point Remodeling, we dig deep into your bathroom remodel ideas, whether it may be a place of relaxation, luxury or character.

As soon as a customer seeks our help to remodel bathroom, On Point Remodeling will consider measurements through a free in-home consultation, listen to your bathroom remodel ideas and dilemmas, create a functional and pleasing small bathroom design for you then proceed with bathroom renovation.
On your first contact with us here at On Point Remodeling, we will be sending our team to take measurements via a free in-home consultation, consult you for bathroom remodel ideas and expected bathroom remodel cost, customize a big or small bathroom design for you, and complete your bathroom renovation in a jiffy.

Unique and New Bathroom Concepts

We combine your small bathroom design ideas with our years of expertise in remodeling and voila, a bathroom that’s worth showing off to your guests. Our outstanding bathroom designs and staff who are highly trained to remodel bathrooms will surely add market value to your home. On Point Remodeling is devoted to converting small bathroom designs into remarkable spaces of art. Our small bathroom designs can turn the most dull bathroom spaces into bathrooms that are fit for pent houses and villas.

On Point Remodeling Evanston Beige and white bathroom with white tub, beige tile floor, glass door shower

Worthy Investment on Quality

Deviating from the typical big and small bathroom designs that you may find in the local Evanston bathroom showrooms, our bathroom remodel ideas are works of innovation and creativity that are not about to go out of style any time soon because it’s just about to come out! Our team applies remarkable creativity to come up with futuristic bathroom designs you won’t find elsewhere. On Point Remodeling uses premium materials and advanced fixtures and fittings.

To Know More Details, Give Us A Call: 224-203-5290

Reasonably Priced and Extraordinary Big and Small Bathroom Designs and Remodeling

Here in Evanston at On Point Remodeling, our prerogative is simple. You simply tell us what your specific design vision involves and we find a way to make that vision a reality. You don’t have to worry about low allocated budgets because we will find a way to lower your bathroom remodel cost without making the final outcome suffer. We value the time we spend on each bathroom remodeling project.


We will make sure everything is how you want it and more. We will work closely with you in each step of the planning and building process so you are sure that you will not get shocked with a totally different outcome. We here at On Point Remodeling are a group of skillful and attentive creators and installers. We offer years of experience in delivering efficient, top-notch, and 'headache-free' bathroom installation that adds value to the property at a low bathroom remodel cost. Big or small, we remodel bathrooms into the 21st Century through inspiring design and bespoke high-quality craftsmanship.


You are assured to be working with skilled professionals who will consider all important aspects of your bathroom renovation such as bathroom space, requirements and existing damage that other bathroom remodeling companies tend to overlook. Our dedicated team will work closely with you from listening to your bathroom remodel ideas, needs and estimated bathroom remodel costs up to the completion of your bathroom renovation.


We can assure you of unexpected bathroom remodel ideas that are more than what you had imagined. When you consult with us, we will do an on-site survey, review the measurements, and take note of any existing damage then we will come up with a bathroom installation plan that is most suitable to your needs and bathroom remodel cost and finally speedily remodel bathroom so you can enjoy using it sooner. With our years of being in the bathroom remodeling industry, we provide nothing but stress-free bathroom renovation that not only adds to your home’s market value but also helps you save with low bathroom remodel costs.

When you’ve finally decided to have a bathroom that’s outstanding in terms of uniqueness, functionality, and elegance.

Then it’s time to give On Point Remodeling a call!    

All it takes is a call at 224-203-5290 to get a free in-home consultation with us asking to remodel your bathroom and we can start planning on what your dream large or small bathroom designs will be.

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