Why Perfect Shower Surrounds Should Be Your Option


Are you looking for some perfect shower surrounds that fit inside the bathroom? They are widely used commercially and domestically. Various material surrounds are available including fiberglass and plastic. Similarly, back panel helps in proper placement. Replacing bathtub with shower is good for creating more space. It is easily placed at any corner and utilizes the free space only. There are certain benefits including better cleaning, easily available, affordable and space creation. Therefore modern houses are converting their shower area into shower surrounds so that more people can use the bathroom at a single time.

Fiber Glass/ Plastic

The classic designs with the acrylic surface are available in the market. The high gloss white option is available in fiberglass but people now prefer a little low tone color. Mostly the material comes with shelves for placement of accessories. However, backless shower surround may not contain such shelves. Ovation tub surround is just like shower surround that works well for the tub. The use of these materials ensures water retention and leakage prevention.

big bathroom shower surrounds

Shower Surrounds With Back Panel

Choreograph surround with back and side panels are best for vintage houses. They have a shade that gives a modest look to the bathroom. The variety of color helps in getting adjust with the bathroom tile color. The concealing is done through silicon which has proper water retention ability. The edges are finished and give a greater room. To make a shower surround one can buy a complete piece or separate pieces according to the requirement.

Upgrade With Configurations

Such little configurations are important when your shower area is getting old. Replacing the tub with shower surrounds completely change the look of the bathroom. With an increased space, a safe bath option is available. Not only this but it is easier to place accessories. Customizable shower sets are available for surrounds that are easy to fit.

Corner Shower Wall Set Utilization

A complete wall set is utilized in commercial shower areas like swimming pools and sport clubs. However, wall set shower for the home can be the best option when you are short of time and money. With a quick transformation, the whole look can be changed. To get rid of the old cracked shower area, surround is preferred by people.


Here are certain benefits of placing a shower surround other than the increased price of your property.

Easy To Clean

There is no need to clean the whole bathroom after a shower. A little slanting surface drains all the water, and the shower surround is cleaned within a couple of minutes.


Installing a surround is affordable as compared to a walk in tub or luxury shower. It takes from $200 to $300 in placing a shower area. Also, there are multiple designs available. All of them are long lasting and does not develop cracks.

Creates Space

It gives space in a bathroom. After locking the shower surround, another person can easily use the bathroom for washing hands. A need of multiple bathrooms in one house is eliminated.

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